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New Direction

For those of you still linked to this community who haven't been playing, here's some information about the new direction the game is taking:

Taken from a post by Metatron:

The current game will be dropped back down purely to the city itself rather than anyplace around it. We want to focus on the palace rather than other countries, and there will be some RP surrounding this anyway.

Characters will now have a set of 'skills', called 'Focuses'. A Focus is a character trait that is emphasized and essentially denotes what a character has for a personal strength. There will be a fair sized list of them, and each character can choose 3; certain other characters based on your character application can choose 3. This essentially means that, for example, if you have Armed Combat as a Focus, you will generally be able to beat up people without this focus. If you both have it, then it will mostly end with a stalemate. This is sort of a pseudo-stat system, and is mostly meant to ease conflicts between characters.

The new theme will be thus: 10 years later, there are 3 main factions vying for control of all Terre d'Ange. The Royalty are supporters of the current crown, Athenais and Bastien de Morhban. Many current nobles should support them, but they are growing more unpopular with a disenfranchised plebian society and their inaction against border raids with Skaldic bandits and pirates have irritated some in the outlying provincial areas. The second faction will be based around an emerging heir of Courcel, the son of the last Queen spirited away to Eire and raised in secrecy. Some nobles will defect to this lost Courcel heir who is in truth the rightful ruler of Terre d'Ange, but they will largely be either in secret or will be shunned in the Court since they do not thus support the current rulers. The third faction will be the up-and-coming Parliament, a group of politicians and advisors who wish to abolish hereditary rule in Terre d'Ange completely and replace it with voting. They are highly popular with the plebians but very unpopular with the nobility, though by royal decree they have been allowed in the Court itself as a provisionary Parliament.

These three factions have several supporting smaller factions, including the Cassiline Brothers, the Night Court, and so on. As these factions change in allegiance, their support will change the power of the factions they support. Chargen will be altered slightly to support all this and there will be a few new commands for players to tinker with as they change their own support.


If any of this interests you and you haven't logged in in a while, come by and see what else is happening!
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