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Come on Over!

KushielMUX, based on the Kushiel's Legacy series of novels by Jacqueline Carey, focuses intently on political intrigue Roleplay based on the powerful, prosperous, and liberated country of Terre d'Ange. A mystical France in an alternate history, Terre d'Ange is a land populated by the descendants of angels. In Terre d'Ange, the power shifts between the noble Houses, the Duchies of the country's seven provinces and the minor Houses constantly circling like sharks, waiting for blood in the water so they can make their move. And hanging over the squabblings of the country are Terre d'Ange's neighbours, who look to the d'Angelines with a mix of envy and resentment. The tools of political power are many and varied; personal influence, the energy to deal with many people, the rumor mill, loyalty, even the use of one's own body as a weapon to gather intelligence - the Royal Court is always rife with plots within plots.

Our game, in specific, is high political intrigue mixed with large, arcing plots and stories. It's set 150 years after the end of the Kushiel's Legacy series. Things have changed somewhat - the Skaldi have become slightly more civilized, the Caerdicci have become more xenophobic, and there's a brewing war between the Hazaran (Mongols) and the Hanzu (Chinese) that is reaching its culmination in the West. The last of the Courcel line has died out with whispers of scandal attached, and a new royal family reigns to continue the
tradition of monarchy. Yet doubt and scandal cling to this court as thickly as they do any, and new connections with the outside world leave the future of the country uncertain.

The choices of characters range from high ranking nobles to scheming politicians, from seductive courtesans to wily spies, charming shopkeepers, devious criminals, playful gypsies, loyal Cassilines, fanatical priests, brave soldiers...stretch the limits of your imagination. Character generation is simple, and feature characters are still available for the ambitious!

What more could you want in a game? Intrigue, NPCs, a well-described grid, friendly and experienced staff members, a brand new world to play in, change, and integrate yourself with, a rich and detailed setting, political intrigue, backstabbery, fetes and coronations, masques and balls, assasinations and invasions... The potential is infinite. With larger staff run story arcs and smaller scale player run plots running constantly, there is never a shortage of things to get involved in!

Come try KushielMUX out:, port 7448, or visit our website for more details:
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