kushielrpg (kushielrpg) wrote in kushiel_mux,

Dear Darlings

A few quick reminders and gentle requests for the members of our illustrious community. One is, please make sure that if you have not joined the kushiel_mux lj  you do ASAP. This is community that staff checks for discussions and refers new players to when they want to see some samples of our characters writing and work. The old community is no longer actively moderated, so it is likely that discussions started there won't be seen by our current/future players.

The other is that we have a fantastic new webspace at www.kushielmux.com. It will soon be the site that all of our links on mudconnector (And the one on Jaqueline Carey's website) points to. Take a look.

We would love to have some of those links to player pages filled out in the near future. If you are interested in making a player page but are not sure how to, OR if you would like to allow the game staff to put a barebones page up for you with a picture and a background, PLEASE let us know. You can post to this thread or send a mail to the staff in game. Jehanne and Evangeline have also offered to help out people wanting to create player pages!

If you know for certain that you are not interested in a player page, please let us know that too so we can change the setting next to your character name to plain text instead of a link.

Let us know if you have any questions!
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