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KushielMUX, based on the Kushiel's Legacy series of novels by Jacqueline
Carey, focuses intently on political intrigue roleplay based on the
powerful, prosperous, and liberated country of Terre d'Ange. A mystical
France in an alternate history, Terre d'Ange is a land populated by the
descendants of angels. In Terre d'Ange, the power shifts between the noble
Houses, the Duchies of the country's seven provinces and the minor Houses
constantly circling like sharks, waiting for blood in the water so they can
make their move. The tools of political power are many and varied; personal
influence, the energy to deal with many people, the rumor mill, loyalty,
even the use of one's own body as a weapon to gather intelligence - the
Royal Court is always rife with plots within plots.

Our game, in specific, is high political intrigue mixed with large, arcing
plots and stories. It's set 175 years after the end of the Kushiel's Legacy

A recent change in staff and philosophy has new plots unfolding across Terre
d’Ange.The de Morhban throne still reigns, elected through Royal Vote when
the last of the Courcel line died with Queen Elireese fifteen years ago. Yet
now whispers speak to a true Heir having been found, the Queen’s son,
spirited away before her death and raised by Alban monks. Will your
character flock to him to see Elua’s true line restored, or stay loyal to
House de Morhban? Perhaps neither, as the Parliament grows stronger each
day, and some say that the Prime Minister seeks in secret to abolish the
throne altogether, putting governance in the people’s hands.

Want to play as a noble or a politician or even potential royalty? To throw
your effort and influence behind one of these three factions and see it rise
to power? Join us and create a character that can see your vision through.
There are still openings for powerful nobles, influential citizens, radical
priests, and other movers and shakers on our government/feature character
list. The limits are bound only by imagination.

If you have visited us before and are interested in the changes, or if you
have considered trying KushielMUX in the past and never done it, now is the
time. Power and influence are up for grabs, and anyone looking for a
wonderful game in a relaxed environment is welcome to check us out. We can’t
wait to see you!

Come try KushielMUX out: kushiel.dreamspheres.net, port 7448, or visit our
Webspace for more details: www.kushielmux.com
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