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KushielMUX is both slightly surprised and very proud to announce itself as the winner of the Award for "Best Historical Text-Based Online RPG" presented at FidoCon II: 2007! We the staff and players of KushielMUX thank Wes Platt and the community over at FidoCon for the honor, and are very excited to have been recognized!

Other FidoCon Award winners from 2007 can be seen here as well as the rest of the jointhesaga website, which presents a good deal of interesting information about the text based roleplaying community, and ideas about the future of text based gaming.

Most of all, I'd like to take this time to thank the -players- of KushielMUX. If we are an amazing game, it is you that has made us so! Thanks for providing a rich and detailed world that new players can sink into and seasoned players can still find enjoyable and engaging. You are all wonderful.

-The KMUX staff.   
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